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Empowering wedding photographers to adopt a sustainable, creative, and compassionate methods of taking photos.
Planning on putting your camera chops toward wedding photography? A wedding day is among the most stressful and challenging events to shoot, however as challenging as it could be, it is also extremely rewarding. Manchester Weddings Photographers is a wedding platform, for lovers and photographers, which fosters community, creativity, and personal growth. We are excited about empowering wedding photographers to adopt a sustainable, creative, and compassionate method to their businesses by means of education and community. If you want to share your work, get inspired by other people, and connect with peers all over the world, then you have come to the right place!
Through our years of experience in safari weddings and photography, we created a unique style integrating the spectacular scenery of safari with the elegant and romantic energy of partners coming from across the world. For us, it's that deep rooted soul fulfillment as these married couples are mesmerised by the splendor and the magic of AfriCA and its people! To us photography is a subject of heart. It's being able to stop time in its moves to shoot one split second . Photography is similar to poetry ,its our gateway to a place in history never to be lost or forgotten . It’s the link between generations , sitting down with your grand children one day in sixty years letting them know about your wedding event. Photography is art , it's a way of feeling .

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