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The Top Eight Things You Should Expect When Wedding Planning

The Top Eight Things You Should Expect When Wedding Planning

Begin engaged can be highly exciting, but there are several considerations that need to be made to ensure your wedding day is not problematic. Planning is not as exhilarating as the wedding itself, but it is necessary to make the day successful. This article will provide information on the top eight things to expect when wedding planning.

1. Think About Others Before Yourself

While many people think that they need to think about themselves exclusively when planning their wedding, this is not the case. Unless your guests are able to afford anything, it is important to plan a wedding that accommodates all of the guests. A good bride and groom are considerate of everyone during planning and consider cost-effective options when it comes to traveling and lodging. So, regardless of whether it is your wedding shower or the event itself, it is important that you think about others before yourself.

2. The Mother Of The Bride Can Be A Problem

You may be very fortunate if the mother of the bride foots the ceremony bill; however, if this happens there are often some conditions. When a mother is involved in wedding planning, it is likely that she will want things to go her way ranging from the rehearsal dinner venue to the color of the flowers. It is common for people to argue, but you should overlook the problem and focus on the larger picture – the wedding and union with your loved one.

3. Fighting With Your Fiancé

Wedding planning is a stressful act leaving everyone on edge, so it is likely that some fights will occur. As long as you are prepared for these stressful situations, you will not stress out too much and the arguments won’t be too difficult to manage. Try to remain calm and talk about your concerns in a calm manner. Remember, communication is important and good communication makes a wedding easier to handle.

4. Money Will Stress You Out

One of the greatest problems any person faces when planning a wedding is the stress of the situation. When you discover the overall cost of the wedding, it is likely that you may have a small panic attack. The price of the venue, the photographer, and all other accessories can add up quickly and result in a large amount that most people do not consider. This is why it is recommended you draft a budget beforehand and try to stick to the limitations to avoid any stressful money issues.

5. There Are Always Hidden Costs

In addition to stressful money issues, it is important to note that hidden costs will become apparent as the wedding planning progresses. For example, a sales tax must be paid for weddings or wedding receptions held at certain venues. Furthermore, venues can charge for meals per person and this can add up quickly. Wedding photographers need to be paid, along with bands, an officiant, and a makeup artist. It is recommended that you ask vendors about these additional costs beforehand so you can accommodate them into the initial wedding budget.

6. You Need To Consider All Details

When planning a wedding, it is essential that you plan every single detail of the event ranging from the rehearsal dinner until the guests leave after the wedding reception. This can seem simple, but it is a truly challenging task for any person. Logistics require careful detail and this can be stressful for a person who does not have experience in the field. To avoid additional stress, it is recommended that you hire a professional wedding planner.

7. You May Not Afford Everything

Unfortunately, most people want more than they can afford and this can result in money problems. Try to stick to the drafted budget and avoid as many hidden costs as possible. A beautiful wedding is preferable, but you do not want to place yourself in debt for the event.

8. Single Friends Are Not Supportive

It is well-known that single friends are not as supportive as married females; however, you should not be pulled down by their bad mood. Remember that you are in a happy situation and ignore any unpleasant single friends.

10 Money-Saving Tips For Sticking To Your Wedding Budget

10 Money-Saving Tips For Sticking To Your Wedding Budget

It’s not a sin to want a perfect wedding. In fact, you are just one of many brides who wish they could fly all there guests to Paris, then get married on the Eiffel Tower. But in reality, a new couple has to work with a budget. Because if you want to enjoy the rest of the marriage after the wedding day, you are going to need money.

It simply doesn’t make sense to spend everything on your wedding day, although the temptations will always be there. And you need to stay strong if you are going to avoid these temptations. So, here are 10 money-saving tips to help you stick to your wedding budget.

1. Establish A Budget

The best place to start would be establishing an actual budget. Take a good look at what you have to spend and try to remind yourself of this number. And don’t see it as a number that you can toy with because the moment you give into a little bit of extra, the rest of the money tends to follow.

2. Look At All Your Options

It’s understandable that you only want the best photographer and caterer, and you simply can’t go without a specific wedding venue. But do you know how much money you can save by looking at more options? Are you really so set on a venue that you are willing to break the bank for a day? You might be pleasantly surprised when you look at cheaper options.


3. Avoid Expensive Options Outright

When you know a specific catalog is going to feature expensive wedding ideas, don’t even pick it up. Why? Because you will just be torturing yourself until you crack and overspend the budget.

4. Keep A Reminder Of Your Budget

Either make notes in your diary or on your vision board, but always remind yourself how much money is going out. And the more aware you become of money getting spent, the wiser you’ll use it.

5. Ask Friends And Family To Help

Sometimes you don’t always need a wedding professional. Maybe you have family and friends with some talents, and maybe you can get them to help out. And even if you offer to pay them, it won’t be nearly as much as you’d fork out for a professional.

6. Give New Meaning To Less Is More

Less will always be more, and this is something that is never going to change. So, if you want to give the impression that you voluntarily chose to go with a minimalist theme, simply put some style behind it. Ultimately, you want your guests to remember having a good time celebrating your wedding.

7. Trim The Guest List

Speaking of guests, sometimes couples can over-indulge how many people should actually attend. Go through the guest list again if you are overspending, and really think about the people who need to be there. Is it really necessary to invite that cousin you’ve never even met?


8. Weigh Your Needs And Wants

When it comes to sticking to a wedding budget, always weigh your wants against your needs. For example, there needs to be enough food for everyone. But you don’t need a designer dress from Milan.

9. Consider A Modest Honeymoon

Does the honeymoon really have to be extravagant and expensive? And just think about what you can do with all that money in terms of remodeling your home, or even buying a new car.

10. Think About Tomorrow

As tempting as it may be to spend all your money on a single day, try to always think about tomorrow.

6 Guidelines For How Much You Should Spend In Wedding Gifts

6 Guidelines For How Much You Should Spend In Wedding Gifts

Every wedding guest would like to know how much they should be spending on the wedding gift, but they are generally too nervous to ask. Fortunately, there are 6 guidelines that you can use to help you determine this. Using these guidelines will ensure that you do not over or underspend on the gift you get.

Ignore The Price Per Plate Rule

A rule that many people use to determine the amount they should spend is the price per plate rule. This means that you are looking at the cost of the wedding to determine the cost of your gift. This is not a good idea because if your best friend is getting married at a city hall, you are not going to give them a $10 gift card.

The wedding present you purchase is not a ticket of admission, it is a gift to the new couple. This should be looked at as a token of your affection for the couple. It is better to look at other guidelines to help you decide on your wedding gift based on your relationship with the couple.

Gifts For Co-Workers And Bosses

If you are invited to your co-worker or boss’ wedding, you should look at spending around $75 to $100. This is due to the fact that you see these people every day. In fact, you will generally spend more time with your co-workers and boss than any other people in your life.

When you spend on the higher range, you should able to foster a better working relationship with them. The fact that you are close enough to be invited to the wedding will also show their regard for you.

Gifts For Neighbors And Casual Acquaintances

If you are invited to the wedding of a more casual acquaintance or your neighbor, you should look at spending less than you would for your co-workers and boss. It is generally acceptable to spend around $50 to $75 on the gift at these times. If you want to spend more you can, but it is generally not necessary.

This is due to the fact that these are people that you do not see as often as other people. You will also have a more distant relationship with them.

Gifts For A Friend Or Relative

Friends and relatives can be divided into 2 categories, close and general. For general friends and relatives, you should look at spending around $100 to $125 on the wedding gift. These are people that you love and will want to celebrate and you should show this.

Gifts For Close Friends And Close Relatives

When you are invited to the wedding event of a close friend or relative, you need to look at spending more. You will find that it is worth spending a bit more at these weddings with a budget of $100 to $175 for the gift is a good idea. When you buy the gift, you should look at something that lasts for many years.

Wedding gifts that will still be used in 20 years is a good idea because it will be a reminder of your regard for the couple. These gifts will generally cost more which is why you should look at a larger budget.

If You Are In The Wedding

If you are part of the wedding such as a bridesmaid, you will generally spend a lot of money before you get to the wedding gift. You will have to buy the dress, attend the shower and the parties leading up to the wedding. As you are good friends with the couple, they will generally not want you to bankrupt yourself for their wedding. In these cases, you will generally be able to give them a personal and creative gift even if it does not cost a lot.

The Top Eight Steps To Finding A Great Wedding Photographer

The Top Eight Steps To Finding A Great Wedding Photographer

Contrary to popular belief, finding the ideal wedding photographer can be a complicated task. While you may know what you want your wedding to look like, finding the photographer can be difficult because they will need to meet several criteria. To ensure the individual meets the criteria, it is important to take various considerations into account. This article will point out the top eight steps to finding a great wedding photographer.

1. Knowing The Plan And Time For The Wedding

Weddings occur at all times of day and night making it essential that the accessories meet the situation. For example, lighting during the day will be different to lighting at night. This also needs to be considered when hiring a wedding photographer. A photographer will need to use different equipment during the day as compared to the night; therefore, it is essential that the photographer you use has the appropriate equipment available. Furthermore, the photographer needs to be proficient in both artificial and natural light to make the images perfect.

2. Know Your Space And Location

Outdoor weddings in particular present with various location challenges. In situations where there are hundreds of guests, it is recommended that they be divided between the courtyard and indoor area; however, this will also influence the photographer. In this case, a photographer will need to operate in a tight space with suitable gear to gain shots that are significant and clear. To ensure you are working with a photographer who understands small locations, it is advised that you review portfolios beforehand and choose appropriately.

3. Consider The Photographer’s Style

One factor that most people do not consider is the photographer’s style. Some photographers are more skilled at capturing expressions than others and this needs to be examined beforehand. Moreover, you must consider the post-production procedure as this will influence the overall photograph. Some people enjoy vintage shots, but you may prefer a clean photograph without any alterations. Be sure to discuss this with your photographer beforehand to avoid any disappointments.

4. How The Images Are Used

When hiring a photographer, it is important to consider how you will be using the images. If you are interested in creating an album as compared to separate prints, it may be beneficial to hire a photographer with skills in this area. While it can be fun to set up a book independently, this is not always suitable if you are trying to achieve a professional presentation. Be sure to discuss this issue with the photographer beforehand to determine their opinion and skills.

5. Consider The Budget

Unfortunately, a person’s budget is one of the most important issues to consider when hiring a photographer. Before choosing a professional, it is recommended that you determine your financial restrictions and determine what is affordable and what is not. Try to avoid overpaying for a photographer as you may not like the prints and will have paid for poor images.

6. Sign A Contract

If you are working with a professional photographer, it is essential that there is a contract in place. Moreover, the contract should cover all aspects of wedding photography and what is to be expected on the date; for example, how many hours, the number of prints, and when you need the images to reach you. Signing a contract is important because it protects both you and the professional from any problems that could occur.

7. Avoid Overwhelming The Photographer

While it is recommended to provide the photographer with ideas of what you expect, it is not advised that you overwhelm the photographer. Try to sit down with the professional and share opinions on the situation trusting that the photographer knows what they are doing.

8. Work Quickly To Find A Photographer

Good wedding photographers are hired quickly, so it is crucial that you book one as soon as possible. Try to use online resources to book a photographer, but it is also possible to speak to referred professionals.

Tips For Planning A Multi-Cultural Wedding

Tips For Planning A Multi-Cultural Wedding

Planning a wedding can be complicated, but when you add different cultures, religions and familial formalities to the mix, you could be facing a nightmare. Planning a multi-cultural wedding needs to be done with care to ensure that everyone is represented and no-one feels angry. Fortunately, there are a number of planning tips that you can use which will help you with this.

Open Communication With Both Sides Of The Family

One of the first things that you need to do when planning a multi-cultural wedding is to open communication. This should not just be between the bride and groom, but with each family as well. It is recommended that you start talking to everyone as early in the process as possible.

This is important because you will be able to discuss which traditions need to be incorporated into the wedding. You will also ensure that both families feel that they are being listened to and included in the wedding. When you know what both families feel need to be in the wedding, you will be able to plan everything correctly.

Pick The Right Venue

When you have a multi-cultural wedding, you need to carefully consider your venue. The wedding venue needs to be able and willing to accommodate your wedding and the mixture of traditions that you are going to have. There are many venues that have rules and regulations that you need to follow before they will hold your wedding there.

If you are looking to hold your wedding in a religious center such as a synagogue or church, you may have to take classes before you can get married there. There are many religious centers that will only hold weddings when both parties are a member of that faith and this is important to consider. Of course, you can have a religious marriage outside of these centers as well if both parties are not members of the faith.

Do Not Feel That You Have To Choose One Or The Other

There are a lot of couples who feel they need to choose one cultural background only. This generally occurs when the cultures are so different that it would be extremely difficult to represent both in the actual wedding ceremony. However, there is another option that you can look at which will ensure that the entire wedding process is multi-cultural.

In these cases, you should consider having the wedding ceremony highlight one of the cultures and the wedding reception highlighting the other. This is particularly helpful when one culture has particular wedding ceremony traditions that need to be adhered to and the other culture does not.

Educate The Families

A mistake that a lot of people make when planning a multi-cultural wedding is forgetting to educate the families. This will cause a number of issues during the wedding as there is a greater risk of faux pas. You do not want your wedding to be the location for a cultural faux pas which can raise tension between people.

To avoid this, you need to take the time to tell each family what is considered as inappropriate behavior. You should also tell them about the traditions of the other culture that will be incorporated into the wedding. This ensures that everyone understands what is going to happen and will be respectful of the other side of the family.

There are a lot of tips that you can use to help planning a multi-cultural wedding. Keeping communication open with both sides is important as is educating both sides about the traditions and culture which will be incorporated. Choosing the right venue is important and you will need to learn about any rules that they have.

Top 7 Things We All Need To Do Before We Say ‘I Do’.

Top 7 Things We All Need To Do Before We Say ‘I Do’.

It’s easy enough to get caught up in the excitement of getting married. However, if you want your marriage to last a long time, there are a few things you need to do with your partner before exchanging your vows. Keep in mind that relationships are generally not easy but getting married is another level of commitment. Certainly, you don’t want to start arguing and separate before you share the major milestones. Here’s what you need to do for the best results.

1. Travel Together

Choose a perfect destination and travel with your spouse-to-be before exchanging your vows. Basically, you will be stepping out of your comfort zones, allowing each person to know more about the person they are about to spend forever with. For instance, you will learn how your partner reacts when they are stressed or get lost as well as when they have missed the major means of transport during the trip. You will also learn how your partner can be there for you and how you can both work together to find a solution to a different challenge than what you are used to each day of your lives.

2. Have Some Arguments

It’s not always going to be a smooth ride during your marriage. Therefore, you need to have your fair share of arguments before tying the knot. Keep in mind that in any relationship, arguments are important. That’s because you can learn how to handle conflict and find resolutions. If you have a few fights before making the big commitment, you will know how your partner handles each issue. For instance, will your partner stand their ground and seek a resolution or simply run away when things become heated. Never bottle up any feelings that you feel you should share with your partner because you might explode in the long run, ruining the relationship.

3. Discuss Your Finances

You’re going to be sharing your life with someone else, you need to sit down and talk about your finances. When you are in love, you are often delusional and might think that everything will fall into place with time. If you don’t sit down and share your source of income with your partner, just as they share their own, it might bring up many issues later on. Research has identified that a lot of people fight about their finances more than anything else when in a relationship.

4. Move In Together Before Tying The Knot

If you are living apart before tying the knot, you will be abruptly forced to move in together. That’s why you need to live together before exchanging your vows. That way, you will have an idea of how your partner behaves around the house. For instance, what is their morning routine? How do they handle chores? If you find some nasty habits from your partner once you get married, it might lead to a breakup, if you don’t know how to handle them accordingly.

5. Plan For The Future

Whether you want to make some financial investments together, have a few kids, buy a new house or move to a new city, you need to plan for the future.

6. Talk About Cheating

Most relationships are ruined by cheating so you need to discuss beforehand what is considered cheating. That way, there is a well-laid out plan on what to do whenever that happens.

7. Discuss Your Expectations For Each Other

Now that you are making a lifelong commitment to each other, you need to discuss your expectations for each other in the relationship. For instance, how do you add value to each others’ lives? Are there any defined roles for each person in the new relationship?

By discussing these points you will have a clear understanding of how to handle your issues whenever they come across!