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This wedding photographer in Manchester will travel anywhere to capture your wedding day photography. As a Manchester wedding photographer of some pedigree, I specialise in weddings but am happy to accept events, corporate occasions and portraiture photography using nature as a backdrop. Parks, cities and forests are the best places and dusk the best time...
The best way to know if your photographer is the right one for your wedding day is to meet and discuss your ideas while viewing wedding books and prints, getting to know a little about me as I get to know a little about you.....there is never any obligation to make a decision....
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To keep my prices very affordable and competitive I ask you to call on me in my hairdressing salon and photography studio in Heaton Mersey if possible or meet for a drink in Didsbury Village or a Manchester central hotel or wine bar, if you are living locally within the Manchester area. I can call out to see you if this is more convenient. I rarely work on Saturdays as a hairdresser so I'm always available to photograph your wedding unless already booked on your date. As a hairdresser I have a keen eye for detail and impeccable manners which I feel are very important on your wedding day. Distance weddings are usually arranged by phone and Skype unless you are in the Manchester area before-hand. Then we can meet..... :o)
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Why you should choose this Manchester wedding photographer for fabulous photography and a brilliant, friendly service. This Manchester wedding photographer will capture your day beautifully, discreetly, naturally and thoroughly professionally. Socially gifted, your family, friends and guests will all speak highly of me for my good manners and willingness to please all your wedding party, and of course, everyone will love your fantastic wedding photography. That's of paramount importance and I work hard all day for you, using great stealth, to capture very special, completely natural, a touch quirky at times, delightful, slightly different wedding images. Please see my Galleries....

I work hard throughout your day although much of the time you will not notice me as I work with a lot of stealth, and as a hairstylist through the week, I have no trouble in bringing out the best in others, and leaving a great impression on all is almost as important as your wedding photography. I'm down to earth, willing and very able to produce spectacular results at around half the price of many photographers in my class or with my decades of experience. Why charge the earth when you are so passionate about photography? Personally, I think anything over £1000 for the shoot is a little expensive. I charge £695 for the full day, right up to your first dances. For this you can expect over 350 images on a lovely USB key-ring pen-drive, a private, password protected gallery on my site @ and several back-ups of your wedding images for absolute and lifelong security. Beautiful wedding books as an extra option from just £245 with app: 200 images included.

Contact Mark for a swift reply. Calling me on 07519 943579 is welcome

Trust Wedding Photography is my main site and you can view over 500 images to see the quality of my work. There is a contact form on that site too but it's probably better to just call me. 07519 943579

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By Mark 13 Oct, 2016

A celebratory toast to the Bride and Groom is deeply ingrained in the wedding tradition, but not many people know how this particular custom came about. This Wedding photographer in Manchester has been studying the history of weddings and what a fascinating history it is.

Toasting a persons, or couples, happiness and health dates way back as a Greek custom from hosts who wanted to assure guests that the wine they drank was not poisoned. "Toast” comes from the Latin word “tostus,” meaning roasted or parched, and it came about during Roman times. Wine didn't taste so good then, so a bit of burnt bread was dropped into their goblets to improve the flavor, making the wine more palatable. The custom continued into the seventeenth century for sailors where seaman dropped a small piece of toast in their glasses of ale or mulled wine, which actually make the taste far better. When the "crouton" grew soggy and sank to the bottom, one of the drinkers there would call, “Toast!” and there would be a race to see who could finish the drink first and eat the saturated bread.

That's how this custom came into practice and the majority of men at any celebration enjoy a few moments when drinking.....

By Mark 07 Oct, 2016
Your wedding photographer should be artistic enough, and experienced enough to capture all the important moments of your wedding with the artistic eye for many, close-up, and creative images of your accessories such as the flowers, jewelry, shoes, hair and other telling-a-story details. 

This Manchester photographer of weddings has decades of photography experience and is a very socially gifted person. As a part-time hairstylist, not working on Saturdays or any other days where he is commissioned to capture a wedding, I have a very keen eye for all the details. Capturing your wedding professionally and politely is part of the work and leaving a really good impression on your wedding party, family and guests is also of paramount importance. 
By Mark 06 Oct, 2016
Your wedding photography images are secure forever as I store them indefinitely for you. You will receive, within two weeks of your wedding, a gallery of your images on my site, private and password protected, with a download link for your convenience. Once you have seen your images you can then forward the gallery to your family, guests and friends at your discretion. Your wedding images can be viewed by whomever you choose but a password is required to download them. You of course will have the password and you choose who can download your images. A lovely USB key-ring pen-drive will follow shortly there-after and if you require a gorgeous and contemporary wedding book I use SIM Imaging to produce the book I have spent around 25 hours creating and designing.
By Mark 23 Sep, 2016
Act now to get a fabulous wedding photography shoot for a really great price. I usually charge less than other wedding photographers in my class because I love capturing weddings. My next three clients can have a big fee reduction with £245 OFF my normal fee.  
By Mark 02 Sep, 2016
When choosing your wedding photographer it's best to book at least on year ahead as this is normal procedure and essential to secure the best and most experienced photographers, who book up sooner rather than later. Generally speaking, I find half my available dates are booked over one year ahead. Many book with the best part of a year to go and one or two couples leave it  to six months before or less and usually have a problem getting any professional wedding photographer for their date. So do start looking at least one year before but two is better and arrange a meeting as soon as you have found the photographer, or photographers, whose work and style you love. Get it sorted early...... :oP  for my main and large site with hundreds of wedding images....
By Mark 02 Sep, 2016
Your wedding photographer should be able to present a website that shows a lot of brilliant wedding photography images, hundreds, to be certain of their ability. Several full wedding shoots should really be visible, at least in part, showing dozens of images of the same wedding. A wedding book is also a must for ant self-respecting wedding photographer and this Manchester wedding photographer has one to show when we meet. I use  to create awesome wedding books as an extra option and my prices are very inexpensive next to many wedding photographers in Manchester in my class or with my decades of experience. 

From just £695 for your full day with some 350 final images on a lovely USB key-ring pen-drive. A private password protected gallery for the Bride and Groom to view before sending the link, and password, to family, guests and friends. Stored securely on several hard-drives for a replacement copy should you ever need it. for far more of my work...

Register with Mark for affordable wedding photography updates and some amazing images every month or use the form below if you are now planning your day. Thank you.

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Please contact me asap as I'm booking up for 2017 pretty rapidly. It's a first come, first served situation with wedding photography and booking early is advisable to secure me for your fantastic wedding day photography. I usually prove to be around 30% - 50% less cost than other photographers in my class or with my decades of experience so it's likely you will save quite a lot of money while getting the very best service and the highest standard of professional, natural photography.


Please share my site. Thank you. :o}

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Date Decided? Call Mark Now. Secure My Services.
07519 943579
Wedding photography can often cost over £1.000 or more and unless there is ample evidence of past wedding shoots that leave you breathless with wonder, my opinion is £900 should be the most you pay if there are no travel or accommodation expenses for the photographer. 

I ask under £700 for your full day and if you are close to me a small fee reduction can be negotiated. I offer some 350 final images of your wedding day on a lovely USB key-ring pen-drive and a private, password protected gallery on my site @ 

Your wedding images will be stored securely, forever, on several hard-drives and on my main website should you ever need a replacement copy. Thank you and best wishes. Mark
Knowing your wedding photographer is socially very competent, polite and helpful can be determined by our meeting and the wedding book will be in your hands to see and feel the quality of photography and production. There is never any obligation or pressure to book me and many clients take a few days to commit, although many have done so within hours of our meeting. Some book there and then, which is the ultimate compliment for any wedding photographer.
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