6 Guidelines For How Much You Should Spend In Wedding Gifts

6 Guidelines For How Much You Should Spend In Wedding Gifts

Every wedding guest would like to know how much they should be spending on the wedding gift, but they are generally too nervous to ask. Fortunately, there are 6 guidelines that you can use to help you determine this. Using these guidelines will ensure that you do not over or underspend on the gift you get.

Ignore The Price Per Plate Rule

A rule that many people use to determine the amount they should spend is the price per plate rule. This means that you are looking at the cost of the wedding to determine the cost of your gift. This is not a good idea because if your best friend is getting married at a city hall, you are not going to give them a $10 gift card.

The wedding present you purchase is not a ticket of admission, it is a gift to the new couple. This should be looked at as a token of your affection for the couple. It is better to look at other guidelines to help you decide on your wedding gift based on your relationship with the couple.

Gifts For Co-Workers And Bosses

If you are invited to your co-worker or boss’ wedding, you should look at spending around $75 to $100. This is due to the fact that you see these people every day. In fact, you will generally spend more time with your co-workers and boss than any other people in your life.

When you spend on the higher range, you should able to foster a better working relationship with them. The fact that you are close enough to be invited to the wedding will also show their regard for you.

Gifts For Neighbors And Casual Acquaintances

If you are invited to the wedding of a more casual acquaintance or your neighbor, you should look at spending less than you would for your co-workers and boss. It is generally acceptable to spend around $50 to $75 on the gift at these times. If you want to spend more you can, but it is generally not necessary.

This is due to the fact that these are people that you do not see as often as other people. You will also have a more distant relationship with them.

Gifts For A Friend Or Relative

Friends and relatives can be divided into 2 categories, close and general. For general friends and relatives, you should look at spending around $100 to $125 on the wedding gift. These are people that you love and will want to celebrate and you should show this.

Gifts For Close Friends And Close Relatives

When you are invited to the wedding event of a close friend or relative, you need to look at spending more. You will find that it is worth spending a bit more at these weddings with a budget of $100 to $175 for the gift is a good idea. When you buy the gift, you should look at something that lasts for many years.

Wedding gifts that will still be used in 20 years is a good idea because it will be a reminder of your regard for the couple. These gifts will generally cost more which is why you should look at a larger budget.

If You Are In The Wedding

If you are part of the wedding such as a bridesmaid, you will generally spend a lot of money before you get to the wedding gift. You will have to buy the dress, attend the shower and the parties leading up to the wedding. As you are good friends with the couple, they will generally not want you to bankrupt yourself for their wedding. In these cases, you will generally be able to give them a personal and creative gift even if it does not cost a lot.

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