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10 Money-Saving Tips For Sticking To Your Wedding Budget

10 Money-Saving Tips For Sticking To Your Wedding Budget

It’s not a sin to want a perfect wedding. In fact, you are just one of many brides who wish they could fly all there guests to Paris, then get married on the Eiffel Tower. But in reality, a new couple has to work with a budget. Because if you want to enjoy the rest of the marriage after the wedding day, you are going to need money.

It simply doesn’t make sense to spend everything on your wedding day, although the temptations will always be there. And you need to stay strong if you are going to avoid these temptations. So, here are 10 money-saving tips to help you stick to your wedding budget.

1. Establish A Budget

The best place to start would be establishing an actual budget. Take a good look at what you have to spend and try to remind yourself of this number. And don’t see it as a number that you can toy with because the moment you give into a little bit of extra, the rest of the money tends to follow.

2. Look At All Your Options

It’s understandable that you only want the best photographer and caterer, and you simply can’t go without a specific wedding venue. But do you know how much money you can save by looking at more options? Are you really so set on a venue that you are willing to break the bank for a day? You might be pleasantly surprised when you look at cheaper options.


3. Avoid Expensive Options Outright

When you know a specific catalog is going to feature expensive wedding ideas, don’t even pick it up. Why? Because you will just be torturing yourself until you crack and overspend the budget.

4. Keep A Reminder Of Your Budget

Either make notes in your diary or on your vision board, but always remind yourself how much money is going out. And the more aware you become of money getting spent, the wiser you’ll use it.

5. Ask Friends And Family To Help

Sometimes you don’t always need a wedding professional. Maybe you have family and friends with some talents, and maybe you can get them to help out. And even if you offer to pay them, it won’t be nearly as much as you’d fork out for a professional.

6. Give New Meaning To Less Is More

Less will always be more, and this is something that is never going to change. So, if you want to give the impression that you voluntarily chose to go with a minimalist theme, simply put some style behind it. Ultimately, you want your guests to remember having a good time celebrating your wedding.

7. Trim The Guest List

Speaking of guests, sometimes couples can over-indulge how many people should actually attend. Go through the guest list again if you are overspending, and really think about the people who need to be there. Is it really necessary to invite that cousin you’ve never even met?


8. Weigh Your Needs And Wants

When it comes to sticking to a wedding budget, always weigh your wants against your needs. For example, there needs to be enough food for everyone. But you don’t need a designer dress from Milan.

9. Consider A Modest Honeymoon

Does the honeymoon really have to be extravagant and expensive? And just think about what you can do with all that money in terms of remodeling your home, or even buying a new car.

10. Think About Tomorrow

As tempting as it may be to spend all your money on a single day, try to always think about tomorrow.