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Top 7 Things We All Need To Do Before We Say ‘I Do’.

Top 7 Things We All Need To Do Before We Say ‘I Do’.

It’s easy enough to get caught up in the excitement of getting married. However, if you want your marriage to last a long time, there are a few things you need to do with your partner before exchanging your vows. Keep in mind that relationships are generally not easy but getting married is another level of commitment. Certainly, you don’t want to start arguing and separate before you share the major milestones. Here’s what you need to do for the best results.

1. Travel Together

Choose a perfect destination and travel with your spouse-to-be before exchanging your vows. Basically, you will be stepping out of your comfort zones, allowing each person to know more about the person they are about to spend forever with. For instance, you will learn how your partner reacts when they are stressed or get lost as well as when they have missed the major means of transport during the trip. You will also learn how your partner can be there for you and how you can both work together to find a solution to a different challenge than what you are used to each day of your lives.

2. Have Some Arguments

It’s not always going to be a smooth ride during your marriage. Therefore, you need to have your fair share of arguments before tying the knot. Keep in mind that in any relationship, arguments are important. That’s because you can learn how to handle conflict and find resolutions. If you have a few fights before making the big commitment, you will know how your partner handles each issue. For instance, will your partner stand their ground and seek a resolution or simply run away when things become heated. Never bottle up any feelings that you feel you should share with your partner because you might explode in the long run, ruining the relationship.

3. Discuss Your Finances

You’re going to be sharing your life with someone else, you need to sit down and talk about your finances. When you are in love, you are often delusional and might think that everything will fall into place with time. If you don’t sit down and share your source of income with your partner, just as they share their own, it might bring up many issues later on. Research has identified that a lot of people fight about their finances more than anything else when in a relationship.

4. Move In Together Before Tying The Knot

If you are living apart before tying the knot, you will be abruptly forced to move in together. That’s why you need to live together before exchanging your vows. That way, you will have an idea of how your partner behaves around the house. For instance, what is their morning routine? How do they handle chores? If you find some nasty habits from your partner once you get married, it might lead to a breakup, if you don’t know how to handle them accordingly.

5. Plan For The Future

Whether you want to make some financial investments together, have a few kids, buy a new house or move to a new city, you need to plan for the future.

6. Talk About Cheating

Most relationships are ruined by cheating so you need to discuss beforehand what is considered cheating. That way, there is a well-laid out plan on what to do whenever that happens.

7. Discuss Your Expectations For Each Other

Now that you are making a lifelong commitment to each other, you need to discuss your expectations for each other in the relationship. For instance, how do you add value to each others’ lives? Are there any defined roles for each person in the new relationship?

By discussing these points you will have a clear understanding of how to handle your issues whenever they come across!