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Fun Reality Show: The Wedding Bashers

Fun Reality Show: The Wedding Bashers

VUZU, channel 116 on DStv, will be rebroadcasting the popular Mnet reality show, The Wedding Bashers. You’ve heard of wedding crashers, now meet the wedding bashers!

Four local celebrities – Cindy Nell, Denise Zimba, Siba Mtongana and Zavion Kotze – attend uniquely South African weddings. Afterwards they discreetly rate the wedding. From the bride’s dress, to the food choices, to the décor. By the end of the season, one newly wed couple walks away with the prized title of best local wedding.

If you missed out on the bashing, you can now re-watch season 1, just in time for season 2, which is around the corner. The exciting wedding reality show will kick off on Friday, the 22nd of June, at 20:30. You can also catch it on Sunday, the 24th of June, at 16:00. Or Wednesday 27 June, at 10:00.

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Rating the Perfect Wedding

A stunning dress, top-notch food, and spectacular décor. Oh, and don’t forget epic entertainment. Over the course of 12 episodes, you will get a behind the scenes glimpse of 22 diverse weddings. The show features a variety of South Africans, representing the rainbow nature with its special flavour of culture, background and religion.

The all-star celebrity team of four Wedding Bashers experience each moment of the wedding with the couple. Afterwards they give their opinion of the overall experience they had. Each an expert in their field, it’s not just thumb-sucking opinions offered, but a more objective observation of the big day.

The Wedding Bashers Team

Three ladies and one gentleman.  The former Miss South Africa and now business woman, Cindy Nell, takes a look at the finer elements of beauty and fashion. Next, the bubbly socialite and VUZU star, Denise Zimba, offers her opinion of the wedding vibe. Celebrity chef and food expert, Siba Mtongana, provides a professional opinion on the wedding banquet. Lastly, wedding planner extraordinaire, Zavion Kotze, gives insight into the overall execution of the wedding.

Every little detail of the wedding is scrutinized. The wedding outfits, the flower arrangements, whether the guests looked like they had fun, and everything in between that makes up the nuptial celebration. Watch as the wedding bashers disagree about all these little details, each adamantly offering their opinion.

Wedding Bashers M-Net

May the Best Wedding Win

By the end of each show, they score the weddings, taking into consideration all the elements. The wedding that grabbed their attention most, wins prizes to the value of more than R500 000. The votes of the Wedding Bashers are not the only determining factors, viewer participation is also included. Watch the show to see which newlyweds wowed both the Bashers and the public.

MNet’s Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard, is very proud of the unique wedding show. The interaction between the Wedding Bashers offer great entertainment. The four celebrities are outspoken, openly sharing their opinions.

The other unique element of the show is seeing a wide variety of weddings. Your idea of the “perfect wedding day” will definitely be challenged. Adding the competitive edge to the reality show also provides excellent entertainment value.

The 22 weddings will show you almost every type of wedding you can think of. Budgets, themes, and settings differ. From a simplistic beach setting, to a lavish vineyard affair, to an industrial chic venue or a five-star train. The Wedding Bashers’ comments remain discreet, focusing more on the love that inspired the couple to tie the knot, and their choice of wedding according to their own unique taste.

Weddings Galore on DStv

Are you a big fan of weddings? You should then also watch Our Perfect Wedding on Mzansi Magic, channel 161. Another great reality show, this one follows a couple just before saying “I do”. The engaged couple invites you along on their journey to the altar.

The couple creates a wish list of their perfect wedding. Each week you can watch a couple attempt to turn the wishes into reality, planning every little detail of their ideal special day. Are the ideas too extravagant to execute, or will the wish list tick all the boxes of a dream day? Watch each week on Sunday at 19:00 to find out.

Add an LNB Installation for Multiple Viewing

You might be a big fan of weddings, but the rest of the household doesn’t share your passion. Did you know that you can use an LNB installation for multiple viewing, instead of a multi-switch/DSTV Switch?

If you kept your old decoder when you upgraded, all you need to do is call out a qualified DStv installation company to add the DSTV Smart LNB installation to your dish, and you can watch multiple channels from different decoders.

The Top Eight Steps To Finding A Great Wedding Photographer

The Top Eight Steps To Finding A Great Wedding Photographer

Contrary to popular belief, finding the ideal wedding photographer can be a complicated task. While you may know what you want your wedding to look like, finding the photographer can be difficult because they will need to meet several criteria. To ensure the individual meets the criteria, it is important to take various considerations into account. This article will point out the top eight steps to finding a great wedding photographer.

1. Knowing The Plan And Time For The Wedding

Weddings occur at all times of day and night making it essential that the accessories meet the situation. For example, lighting during the day will be different to lighting at night. This also needs to be considered when hiring a wedding photographer. A photographer will need to use different equipment during the day as compared to the night; therefore, it is essential that the photographer you use has the appropriate equipment available. Furthermore, the photographer needs to be proficient in both artificial and natural light to make the images perfect.

2. Know Your Space And Location

Outdoor weddings in particular present with various location challenges. In situations where there are hundreds of guests, it is recommended that they be divided between the courtyard and indoor area; however, this will also influence the photographer. In this case, a photographer will need to operate in a tight space with suitable gear to gain shots that are significant and clear. To ensure you are working with a photographer who understands small locations, it is advised that you review portfolios beforehand and choose appropriately.

3. Consider The Photographer’s Style

One factor that most people do not consider is the photographer’s style. Some photographers are more skilled at capturing expressions than others and this needs to be examined beforehand. Moreover, you must consider the post-production procedure as this will influence the overall photograph. Some people enjoy vintage shots, but you may prefer a clean photograph without any alterations. Be sure to discuss this with your photographer beforehand to avoid any disappointments.

4. How The Images Are Used

When hiring a photographer, it is important to consider how you will be using the images. If you are interested in creating an album as compared to separate prints, it may be beneficial to hire a photographer with skills in this area. While it can be fun to set up a book independently, this is not always suitable if you are trying to achieve a professional presentation. Be sure to discuss this issue with the photographer beforehand to determine their opinion and skills.

5. Consider The Budget

Unfortunately, a person’s budget is one of the most important issues to consider when hiring a photographer. Before choosing a professional, it is recommended that you determine your financial restrictions and determine what is affordable and what is not. Try to avoid overpaying for a photographer as you may not like the prints and will have paid for poor images.

6. Sign A Contract

If you are working with a professional photographer, it is essential that there is a contract in place. Moreover, the contract should cover all aspects of wedding photography and what is to be expected on the date; for example, how many hours, the number of prints, and when you need the images to reach you. Signing a contract is important because it protects both you and the professional from any problems that could occur.

7. Avoid Overwhelming The Photographer

While it is recommended to provide the photographer with ideas of what you expect, it is not advised that you overwhelm the photographer. Try to sit down with the professional and share opinions on the situation trusting that the photographer knows what they are doing.

8. Work Quickly To Find A Photographer

Good wedding photographers are hired quickly, so it is crucial that you book one as soon as possible. Try to use online resources to book a photographer, but it is also possible to speak to referred professionals.